Ketchikan: Man survives boom tip-over into water

Posted: Sunday, May 12, 2002

A 10-ton boom truck tipped over into the water as it lowered a skiff at dockside on Thursday, May 2.

Boom operator Brian Nicholas survived - as did his dog - after an onlooker came to his aid, holding him above water while rescuers were en route.

Nicholas' boom truck, a flatbed truck with a crane attached to the back, was lowering a seine skiff into the water when the truck became imbalanced and fell off the dock a little before 2 p.m.

Karen Sackett, Ketchikan General Hospital interim administrator, said Nicholas did not want the hospital to divulge his condition..

Nicholas did confirm, however, that his dog, which had been on the truck with him, was unhurt, she said.

The Coast Guard boat returned to the scene of the accident to check on the dog after dropping Nicholas off.

"His dog got out," Wolfe said. "He was very concerned about that."

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