Business profile: Toni Fagg

Posted: Monday, May 12, 2003

Title and company: Owner, Divine Appointment Beauty

Services: People who want thicker, longer hair can benefit from the hair-extension services Fagg offers, she said.

Fagg has devised a system for attaching real or synthetic hair to her clients' real hair, giving them longer locks that last up to four months.

"I just do it for proms, dances, I'll add hair extensions and up-dos," Fagg said. She also does hair for weddings, and has put extensions on more than 100 clients in Juneau.

When hair extensions were developed, hair stylists glued hair directly to the scalp, Fagg said. Now, hair stylists take several natural-hair strands on the client's scalp and attach the extensions to the real hair. When the hair starts to grow out, an emulsifier is applied to the hair to remove the extensions.

Fagg is trained in applying extensions in this way, but prefers to use her own system, called Toni Locks. Fagg threads pieces of natural hair and the extensions into a tiny metal tube near the scalp. Using pliers to clamp down on the loop, the extensions are securely attached without damaging the natural hair. To remove the extensions, she unclamps the tube.

Though clients can choose between synthetic and real hair - Fagg buys both from an online distributor - Fagg prefers synthetic hair.

"It lasts as long and you don't have the tangling problems that you do with real hair," Fagg said. "It's also lightweight and cheaper."

Fagg consults with new clients to help them determine the look they want and how much it will cost. The client pays for the hair, which can cost between $70 and $200 for four ounces - enough for a full head of extensions.

Fagg charges $2 per extension or a minimum of $50 an hour. Applying extensions to a full head of hair requires at least 200 extensions, and can take up to eight hours.

"It's kind of spendy," Fagg said.

Fagg's prices are reasonable when compared to those of stylists in New York or California, where customers can pay $6 for an extension and more than $1,000 for a full head of extensions, she said.

Fagg also styles hair for special events, creates hair weaves for balding people, sells wigs, and applies braids and dreads to natural hair.

Biographical information: Fagg was born and raised in Granite Falls, Wash., and moved to Juneau with her husband, Patrick Fagg, in 1998.

Family: Her husband's family lives in Juneau.

Quotable: "I'm always up to the new stuff, and Juneau's not always up to the new stuff," Fagg said.

Contact information: Fagg can be reached at 796-3268.

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