Out of touch

Posted: Monday, May 12, 2003

The governor stated in his "My Turn" column of May 8, "Loading additional taxes on Alaska's most productive citizens is simply bad economic policy." This was in defense of his support for a sales tax rather than an income tax. I disagree with his opinion about a state income tax being unfair. To the contrary, I believe it is a reasonable and responsible tax that would encourage better democratic involvement. It is a fair and appropriate act of good stewardship for the state. An income tax also is fair in that those who have benefited most from our capitalist system, our educational system, our estate protections and defenses, our trade laws and natural resources and should be expected to pay the most to support that system. I know the rich generally pay a lot in lobbying and financing candidates, but that's not the support I mean.

More to the point, what bothered me about the article was the governor's attitude. I've met Frank Murkowski a few times and I think he is an OK guy but I believe he's out of touch and not a true servant of "the people," unless they are rich. I take it the governor feels that a regressive sales tax to punish the poor (aka Alaska's least productive citizens?) is good economic policy. What about all the workers who come up here in the summer to work and take it all back home without paying a dime of tax to the state? I am a third generation Alaskan and am concerned at the division, lack of vision, and elitism this administration is flaunting. Government is to be "for the people," not just its "most productive." I was raised to value my fellow man regardless of how much or how little someone makes. I also believe in government to promote the general welfare, not just corporate welfare.

Michael Norman Bucy


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