In the Stacks: Young adult fiction good for older readers too
Young adult fiction isn't just for high school readers. There's lots here for adults to enjoy, too.

Business Digest
Staff reports from around the business community

A few facts on a 'boondoggle'
As a famous politician from another era once said, "There you go again."

An insulting ploy from oil companies
Recently, across Alaska, there has been a media ad blitz, plus legislators, contractors, and others speaking for Alaska oil producers, and all have the same message theme - namely, "don't let the state tax the oil producers out of business!"

Soldier, sailors, airmen like the rest of us
Soldier, sailors, airmen like the rest of Thanks to Michael Heiman (April 24) for his reply to Karl Schoeppe's My Turn (April 10).

Let people enjoy Auke Lake
By now you have probably heard of the movement to ban motorized usage on Auke Lake. As a 46-year resident of the lake, I would like to offer another perspective on the situation.

Coeur plan is environmentally sound
I am pleased to write this letter of support of the Coeur proposal for mine tailings disposal to the Lower Slate Lake tailings storage facility in the most recent Kensington gold project proposal.

Photo: A message for the governor
"A Bong Hits for Murkowski" bumper sticker was placed on the picket fence of the Governor's Mansion.

Juneau bears wake from long winter slumber
A sow and two cubs inspired only admiration, and no fear, when Oregon native Kim Munroe spotted them above the Flume Trail on Sunday.

Captivated by the sultry song of Argentina
The first time I was in Buenos Aires I sat alone in a rundown cafe on Correntes Avenue, watching smartly dressed businessmen pass. Were they off to the stock market or going to meet a mistress? A tired matron in a tattered coat walked by, oblivious to the rain. I wondered if she was alone in the world.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers

Photo: A fluke sighting
A humpback whale flourishes its tail Wednesday as it dives near the Douglas Bridge.

Photo: Accidental overdrive
Driver Ben Bingham, 23, said the throttle stuck in his girlfriend's white Chevy pickup, causing him to jump a curb and drive over an Alaska Electric Light & Power junction box, a telephone junction box and a decorative hedge at the entrance to the Travelodge on Glacier Highway near the Juneau International Airport.

Fifth-graders check out college life
The graduating class of 2013 got a chance this week to see what life could hold for them after high school.

City's housing options grow, but costs remain high
Housing developments are springing up around Juneau, though few offer affordable housing options for many middle- and low-income families.

Around Town
Around town is a listing of nonprofit local events

Juneau businesses, residents feel pinch at pump
The prices at the pump continue to jump in Juneau.

Around Town
Around town is a listing of nonprofit local events

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers

Student recognition
Recognizing outstanding scholastic achievements

Grimm and Brent wed
Jessica Lynn Grimm and Ernest Garland Brent of Juneau were married March 2 at the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. A reception followed at El Sombrero.

Photo: Fresh color to combat fresh snow
Parks and Recreation employee Floyd Spinner hangs a banner near Marine Park.

Spring brings back thoughts of honorable lost fishermen
April 30. It is snowing but it is spring, because the robins are singing with full throated cheers to the long days. April is a time of pilgrimage and visits to places of special meaning.

News about the people you know

Neighbors helping neighbors: Catholic Community Services
Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a weekly feature on the Neighbors page and is in collaboration with the United Way of Southeast Alaska.

Neighbors mailbox
You've got mail, neighbor

Buffalo: the other red meat
"Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam." This well-known song hearkens back to a time when the Great Plains of North America were the wild range of the American bison, commonly known as the buffalo.

Valente and Jones to wed
Shana Karelene Valente of Homer and Scott Richard Jones of Petersburg will be married at 3 p.m., May 27, at Land's End Resort in Homer. A reception will follow.

Student Artist in the Spotlight: Maria Kiefer
Her mother and grandmother are from Russia. Maria came from Russia when she was two years old; she speaks Russian.

Student Artist in the Spotlight: Anne Coogan
"I like Ms. Lehnhart. She has cool art ideas. I like doing all kinds of art. My favorite song is 'Let the Rain Fall Down,' by Hilary Duff."

Lagoudakis and Tremblay wed
Cindi Lagoudakis of Juneau and Bill Tremblay of Petersburg were married on April 29 in Petersburg. A reception was held at the Sons of Norway Hall.

George Whiteley
Juneau resident George John Whiteley Sr., 64, died May 9, 2006, in his home.

Alaska editorial: Parents should ensure that kids graduate safe, sober
The high school graduation season commences in a few days throughout the Fairbanks area, marking the culmination of years of work for thousands of students.

My Turn: A call for reflection about immigrants
My forebears sneaked into the United States at the beginning of the 20th century.

My turn: Juneau's drinking problem
Having spent the past nine months trying to increase awareness regarding underage drinking in Juneau, I have come to one sincere conclusion: We, as a community have failed our children miserably.

Alaska editorial: Daylight-saving time makes no difference
There are many people, we acknowledge, who get all in a dither when it comes to daylight-saving time.

My turn: How the Legislature can control school costs
A conclusion in search of a study" is a clever quip from Senate Finance Chairman Gary Wilken, regarding the area cost differential (ACD). This study attempts to fairly calculate the relative costs of educating students in various parts of the state.

My Turn: Starr's involvement in 'Bong Hits' issue reeks
The Juneau School Board's latest action on the "Bong Hits for Jesus" issue reeks of political action with religious overtones, rather than a school discipline issue.

Alaska editorial: Health care should not be a luxury
It's beginning to cost too much to stay healthy. A study released recently confirmed what Americans know to be true: Health insurance is so expensive that people aren't signing up like they used to.

Juneau-Douglas knocks off Ketchikan, 4-3
Juneau-Douglas High School senior Nano Jacobsen's RBI single in the bottom of the seventh inning gave the Crimson Bears a 4-3 win over Ketchikan on Thursday at Adair-Kennedy Memorial Park.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau

Time for the big boys to battle at the Southeast Showdown
Four-time Southeast Showdown heavyweight champion Russ "The Dirt" Stevens will return to the ring for a shot at his fifth title tonight, after a two-year layoff from boxing.

Alaska High School Track and Field Top Performances
through Saturday...

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

All 5 sports in action this weekend
With the spring regular season winding down, all five Juneau-Douglas High School sports teams face critical games and events this weekend.

Hibernating Hybrid
A DNA test has confirmed what zoologists, hunters and aboriginal trackers in the far northern reaches of Canada have dreamed of for years: the first documented case of a grizzly-polar bear in the wild.

Gas contract made public
After two years of secret negotiations, Gov. Frank Murkowski unleashed a long-awaited draft of a North Slope gas pipeline contract Wednesday morning.

Fort Knox reaches golden mark
Mine managers and employees watched from a dusty metal stairway on Wednesday as the three millionth ounce of gold was poured into molds at the state's largest gold mine.

Identity theft bill opens view on fractured Senate
Between an oil-tax rewrite and a capital budget worth billions, the Alaska Senate had a lot on its plate in the waning hours of the 24th Legislature.

Governor says ballot initiative is a contract deal-breaker
Gov. Frank Murkowski said he hasn't made a decision on when the Alaska Legislature should revisit the bill that rewrites the state's oil-tax structure.

Citizens get prepared to face disaster
When a major disaster hits Anchorage, it may take days for authorities to respond.

Alaska Air chief upbeat about airline's future
After a bruising year marred by layoffs, delayed flights, complaints about lost bags, and a spate of cabin pressurization scares, the head of Alaska Air Group Inc. exudes confidence the company has "turned the corner."

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation, and around the world

Oil tax currently off the agenda
Barely a day into a special session, Alaska legislators began spotting issues that could interfere with their work in Juneau for the next month.

Northwest Digest
Staff reports from around the state

Alaska Digest
Staff reports from around the state

Contract lets Big Oil pull out without price
The state's draft contract with three oil companies requires no commitment from them to build a North Slope natural gas pipeline, and it allows the companies to withdraw from the deal without penalty.

Cinema Guide
what's playing at the box office

What's happening
news of local entertainment events

Painting Alaska: Rie Muñoz opens show at Alaska State Museum
As late as her mid-20s, then-Los Angeles department store employee Rie Muñoz was barely into art. She sketched a little when she wrote letters, but she wasn't into painting.

Response to hate:
Just two weeks after gay University of Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard died from a savage beating in October 1998, 10 writers from the New York-based Tectonic Theater Project were on their way to Laramie to see how the town was dealing with the aftermath of the hate crime

news of local arts

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