Letter: Still doing our job

Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2001

I am writing with a correction to the AIDS ride article in the May 7 edition of the Empire. It was stated that Jessica Menendez is a board member of the organization 4A's, which was "formerly Shanti." As the executive director of Shanti of Southeast Alaska, I assure you that there is nothing "former" about us. Shanti has been serving Juneau and the Southeast since 1986. Located downtown on Seward Street, Shanti is committed to reducing the impact of HIV and AIDS throughout Alaska through prevention, education, advocacy, referral and prevention of the factors that contribute to HIV transmission and progression.

We spend each week traveling around this community and educating people on how to reduce their risk of catching this deadly virus. Places we educate include Lemon Creek, Gastineau Human Services, Juneau Recovery Hospital, Johnson Youth Center, Juneau Youth Services, JDHS and more. 4A's is an Anchorage-based AIDS service organization that provides case management services for HIV-positive people living in Juneau. 4A's and Shanti work hand in hand. Ms. Menendez has been a member of the board of Shanti for years.

Thank you for clearing up the confusion.

Ed Linsell

Executive Director

Shanti of Southeast Alaska


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