Letter: Unproductive political posturing

Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2001

It seems that many of the key players in the cruise ship legislation issue are more interested in political maneuvering and/or seeing their name in print than they are in addressing the issue at hand.

(For the record, I don't care if my name appears in print or not. I'd be just as happy with a pseudonym, say "Practical Pete," or "I don't believe it! Bob")

Joe Geldhof, Beth Kerttula, Rick Halford and Bill Hudson were quoted in Friday's Empire as disagreeing in some fashion with the governor's decision on the special session timing. Rep. Hudson had an argument that could possibly be considered practical, (extending the session vs. a special session) if it weren't already so obvious that these folks are so caught up in partisan maneuvering that they are all overlooking the obvious. This issue could have, and should have been decided in the general session.

May 21 is 10 days away. Mr. Cowdery, his colleagues and the majority of the state's population have had two months and today's news to consider the issue. In today's world, Mr. Cowdery could be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and still receive enough information to make an intelligent decision on this issue, without seriously inconveniencing his wife, her doctor, or the state of Alaska.

I would be happy to buy a phone card for Sen. Cowdery so that he can call in his vote on the issue if he is (understandably) unable to attend the beginning of the special session. If Sen. Cowdery needs to review all the political rhetoric at the beginning of the special session before he casts his vote, I'll bet he could get a copy of the transcripts e-mailed to him.

To all representatives and senators, please, convince your fellow Alaskans that you are more concerned about your professionalism as our representatives in government than you are in how much money your next campaign might (or not) receive from the cruise ship industry or any special interest group. Focus on the issues you are charged with governing, and stop wasting your time and our money on unproductive posturing.

John Weedman


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