Princess schedules shoreside testing

Posted: Monday, May 13, 2002

JUNEAU - Princess Cruise Lines plans to test the Star Princess' shoreside power system Tuesday.

The 949-foot ship is making its first call to Juneau on Tuesday and the tests may result in visible emissions. Princess will check the ship's computer interfaces and electrical circuits and will initiate intentional black-outs to make sure the ship's generators automatically restart, according to the company.

"The ship is brand new. It came out in March and it was built with shore power capability," said Kirby Day, director of shoreside operations for Princess Cruises and Tours in Juneau. "We need to run through the same tests we ran with the other ships last year and (Alaska Electric Light and Power) has agreed to give us power to do that tomorrow."

With its own money and some financial support from the city, Princess built a shoreside power system at the South Franklin dock last year to reduce smoke emissions. The system uses surplus hydroelectric power from AEL&P, but a cold, dry spring has put the program on hold this month.

The company hopes to start using shoreside power by June 1, according to Day. Once power is available, Princess plans to test four vessels that were hooked into the system last year and the steam generation system.

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