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Posted: Friday, May 13, 2005

... for helping with our gardens

I would like to thank the Thunder Mountain Learning Center, Southeast Alaska Guidance Association, and the Americorp Volunteers for giving so kindly of their time at the Juneau Pioneers' Home on National Youth Service Day. With the start of spring, it was wonderful to have them come and help us out by getting our gardens ready for the growing season ahead.

A big thank you to Andrew, Marshall, Damien, Hanna and Bethy from the Thunder Mountain Learning Center, who gave of their labor and volunteer time. Thanks to Jared, Susan and Angie from SAGA for helping to organize the event. I would also like to thank Susan Bell from the McDowell Group. We gratefully appreciate and welcome all the volunteers throughout the year that help us out at the Juneau Pioneers' Home. It certainly is wonderful when volunteers give of their time and labor in the community in which they live. Thank you very much.

Joyce Levine

Juneau Pioneers' Home

... for helping move our mother

Thank you to Dale Henkins, Jim Peterson and Mike West for all your wonderful help and hard work moving our mother after the death of dad. With much appreciation and love.

Michael Hayes, David Hayes and Bonnie Hayes Wilson

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