Thanks to all the road users

Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spring is springing, and I would like to offer a simple "thank you" to those who use our local roads, notably motorists and cyclists, but also roadside residents. I drive an automobile, as well as ride a bike, and have the following thanks to offer the groups.

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Cyclists, thanks for: 1) not riding abreast when cars are nearing, 2) being aware of auto traffic coming from behind as well as in front of you, 3) wearing colors that show up, 4) knowing where to ride along a highway and not "forcing" a motorist to pass you in an unsafe fashion and 5) following the rules of the road so motorists have less to complain about.

Motorists, thanks for: 1) giving cyclists a little room when you pass, especially if no traffic is coming from the other way, 2) driving with your headlights on, especially under low light conditions, so cyclists can see you better and give you more room when they can and 3) following the rules of the road so cyclists have less to complain about.

Highway residents, thanks for: 1) sweeping the gravel from the roadside adjacent to your driveways and 2) not leaving cars parked along narrow roads if you can avoid it.

To the highway workers who sweep the gravel and take care of the roads, thanks for making it better for all of us.

I believe I am aware of most of the arguments from both user groups, ranging from cyclists saying, "I have a right to a full lane of traffic," to motorists saying, "Get the dang bikes off the road." Thanks for what courtesy you can offer to the other group and being a good representative from your group.

Bruce Dinneford


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