Outsiders: Sharon Burns

Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2007

Age: 41.

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Occupation: On-air personality, taku105.

Favorite outdoor activity: Scuba diving and snorkeling, in warm tropical water, I might stress. people try to get me to do cold water dives here in a dry suit. i'm not too keen on that.

Favorite outdoor sport: Hiking, which I 've done a lot of through Australia and also in Thailand, and I am looking forward to summer in Juneau, because I know that there is a lot of good hiking here.

Worst outdoor memory: When I was a teenager, I went camping, and I had just started experimenting with smoking. I was sharing a tent with my sister. My parents obviously didn't know I was smoking, and so I poked my head out of the tent and smoked and put the cigarette out and then put the butt under the tent. ... one of the cigarette butts I didn't put out properly, and so the corner of the tent started smoldering, and there where a few flames, but I managed to put it out - but the panic!

Close encounter: My stepson Ben and I were scuba diving in Vanuatu. We hadn't seen any sharks, and we really came to see some, so the divemaster took us on a dive, it was just the three of us diving. He said, "you are guaranteed to see sharks."

So down we went, and we're swimming for quite a long way looking for these sharks, and suddenly the divemaster pointed under this rock. There were two sharks swimming around under a rock, so Ben and I are scrambling, trying to take photos, and we had a flashlight and all of a sudden one of them came straight toward us, and we both quickly tried to backpaddle and get away from this thing. It turned out not to really be an attack but it was, scary nevertheless.

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