Not a bad idea

Posted: Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I believe the graduated license proposal introduced by Bruce Weyhrauch will benefit young teen drivers and make our roads safer. It will give them more time to become familiar with driving without distractions.

There are a few things I don't agree with. I think the new driver should be able to drive family members of any age, maybe after a certain period of time. If parents are unable to pick up a sibling of the teenager, what use are you going to be with the law stating you may only drive with 25-year-olds?

When I first got my license, I doubt I knew any 25-year-olds that needed a ride. I think the age of the passenger should not matter. It should be the number of passengers that matters because a person of any age could be distracting. If there is more than one passenger, the situation is worse. Consider if you have an older sibling who is 25 years old with a bunch of their 25-year-old friends who have been drinking at a party and your sibling says, "Come pick us up." This is going to be very distracting for the new driver. You should be able to drive any family members and at any other time you should be allowed one other person in the car of any age after enough practice is acquired. I think my suggestions offer a reasonable compromise that would lower teen accidents and keep almost everyone happy.

Melinda Madsen


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