Longevity bonus

Posted: Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Clifford Berg's letter in Friday's Empire hit the nail right on the head. The governor's decision to drop the bonus program is a bad idea and turns it into nothing more than another welfare program. I wonder if thought was given to the cost of auditing everyone who is not qualified to receive the bonus. Of course, this will change on a yearly basis depending on one's income. Knowing how government works, it will take many more personnel to run the program than now.

I came to Alaska in the late '40s and except for a brief period for schooling on the GI Bill, I have been here ever since, employed in the construction industry.

If it had not been for the liberal courts, Mr. Zobel and his lawyer would have had the case struck down like it should have been. At this point in time, many of the original covered seniors would have passed on as the program is self-eliminating.

Like Mr. Berg, I will continue to live here in Alaska but the various merchants in our community will be that much poorer as every cent of my bonus money is (or was) spent right here locally. I'll bet most other seniors will tell the governor the same thing.

Bud Womack


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