Nonsense near and far

Posted: Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, has decided to rethink the pros and especially so, the cons, of its current exhibit on ANWR, while our always-issues-sensitive senior U.S. Sen. Stevens remarked it wasn't due to any pressure from him. Hmmmm.

Our state senator, Taylor, tells us stalling fast ferry money for at least a year isn't in hopes of using these already appropriated funds for building roads from Southeast Alaska and connecting up somewhere in Canada. This we are told in spite of the fact that a majority of citizens are already for fast ferry service throughout the Southeast region.

State Republican Rep. Rokeberg, and a near-dozen other partisans, plus our new governor, have finally figured a way to get their hands on our PFD checks.

In an 11th hour legislative move, they want to annually tax each of us $20, without so much as a democratic process to count your vote with. Well, folks, maybe it's not a lot of tax these days to pay for imported "tea," but isn't it really a basic principles thing at stake here? Additionally, you can readily see, they now have their eager little fingers in our individual cookie jars without so much as a, "May I please" or "thank you."

These Republicans are truly amazing to me. They are frantically casting about trying to find a million here and a million there, while staying far, far away from an equitable state income tax or a seasonal head tax or anything else that might seem to adversely affect various corporations' profits.

Instead, we see them feverishly promoting a general sales tax that would affect all of us regardless of our annual income, through the taxing of our need to eat and to acquire other essentials. A rather inverse sense of equality, I'd say.

But, alas, it is the very same equity nonsense all the way to the White House, and now actually, way beyond.

Alan R. Munro


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