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Posted: Wednesday, May 14, 2003

...for help with the musical

We would like to extend a resounding THANK YOU to all who made Auke Bay School's spring muscial, "The Legend of The Four Friends," a roaring success. Thanks to those who donated everything from time and talent to costumes and cake: Scott and Spencer Miller, Dave and Jan and Jill Carlile, Dick and Julie Schrimer, Steve Parker and Suzanne Malter, Tom and Nelda Stewart, Inga and Laura Gregovich, Karlynn Welling, Jean Michelle, Diane Tersteeg, Pam Story, Eva Bornstein, Judy Neary, Amalia McCarthy, Greg Giles, Elaine Loopstra and Jim Beedle, Carrie Smith, Nancy and Brittany Lehnhart, Erika O'Sullivan, Joelle Ballam-Shwann, Lisa Arehart, Beth and Ken Melville, Julie Flint, Margaret Thorpe, Kevin Henderson, Barbara Kelly, Pam Cure, Joanne Jones, Lucy Potter, and Laura Scholes.

Thanks also to Elizabeth Medgyesy of Spirit Travel and Leah Sturgis of Rock Paper Scizzors; Keith Giles of Rozwick and Giles; Valley Lumber; Chris Burns (KINY); Jeff Brown (KTOO); Erik Fry and Michael Penn (Juneau Empire); Julie and Ralph Kibby and Chatham Electric; Toby Clark (JDHS); and to Ray Imel (DZH Media teacher) and middle school videotograhers Max Stanley and Ryan Lyndsey.

Lastly, we give the warmest of thanks to Auke Bay School Principal Dave Newton who believes in educating the "whole Child" and supports the arts every step of the way at Auke Bay School.

Libby Parker and Ann Boochever

...Thanks for the doggy help

Dogs at the Juneau animal shelter are doggoned appreciative of the blankets, canned food and treats people have dropped off for them in the past few weeks.

Many thanks from the Gastineau Humane Society staff!

...Thanks for helping swimmers

Speaking on behalf of Glacier Swim Club and the JDHS Swimmers and Divers, we would like to thank Allen Marine Tours, Lennie Gorsuch and crew for giving of their time, expertise and energies on our successful whale watching fund- raiser last Saturday.

David Maker, Glacier Swim Club Head Coach

John Wray, JDHS Head Swimming & Diving Coach

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