Empire prints tripe

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 14, 2004

Several times in the last six months I've sent correspondence to the Empire in a vain attempt to have my modest efforts published in the "Letters to the Editor" or the "My Turn" column. Now, I realize our local newspaper can't print every submission, but in viewing what they do print I must admit to feeling left out. The rantings of Matt Skerbitz are but the latest example of angry, muddled tripe being printed as if it were enlightened opinion. Who picks what gets printed at the Empire? How come a political figure as much on the fringe as Dennis Kucinich gets play but a simple letter asking some obvious questions about the U.N. and the oil for food fiasco gets ignored? Where is the balance between points of view that is so central to the so-called marketplace of ideas? If my experience is any indication, such balance is not to be found at the Juneau Empire, at least as regards world affairs.

They consistently print emotional, vague "anti-war" treatises, which is fine, but rarely if ever is that countered with expressions based more on historical perspective, sober assessment, and dealing with the hard reality faced by our nation's leadership.

Rick Kaufman


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