Swap's description of Democrats is offensive

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Posted: Monday, May 14, 2007

I should not rise to Ralph Swap's bait ("Let's Keep Don Young in Office," May 8), but I find his description of the Alaska Democratic Party offensive. Swap's support for Rep. Don Young and all things Republican is surprising given Young's relationship with Jack Abramoff, the explosive news events surrounding Republicans and VECO in the Alaska Legislature, and daily news reports of corruption at the highest levels of the Republican White House.

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As to Alaska Democrats nominating candidates Carter, Clinton, Gore and Kerry, I am proud to have supported such a distinguished group of individuals. President Carter left us with millions of acres of wilderness that will be preserved for generations of Americans to use for recreation, subsistence and commerce. President Clinton left us with a surplus in the treasury and eight years of relative peace in the world. Al Gore? I can only imagine the progress this nation might have made with another educated, reasonable man who cared about the environment and the American people. John Kerry? We might have had health care for all instead of being mired in decades of debt to pay for an ill-begotten war and tax cuts for the very rich. As for a President Hillary Clinton? She's bright, hard working and among the most informed and prepared of all our U.S. Senators. We are well aware of her efforts to provide health care for all Americans and her concern for children.

Swap accuses the Democrats of "flunking" when it comes to oil, timber and mineral development in Alaska. Did the Democrats fail last year during the PPT debate when they wanted the oil industry to pay its fair share of taxes?

Democrats led the way for fair taxes, just as Democrats lead the way for environmentally friendly development in Alaska. And as to Swap's statement that Alaskans are not going to vote for Democrats, they did last year and they're going to during the next election cycle because they are sick to death of politicians who are literally bought and paid for by industry.

Kim Metcalfe

Chair, Juneau Democrats


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