Let's back each other on snowmobile issue

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, May 14, 2007

First off, I would like to thank Ray Howard for speaking at the public hearing at Centennial Hall, and to thank the Juneau Snowmobile Club for all the work they have done on trails and building parking lots for all user groups. I had to leave the public meeting early because it became apparent that the greenies (non motorized user groups) just hate all snowmobilers. The meeting was supposed to be for comments for the proposals. It became nothing but snowmobile bashing.

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These people will never, I say never, understand why we love this sport. I use to ski and had a season pass for ten years, and I am still in full support of Eaglecrest. I have to comment on how the Juneau Empire incorrectly wrote that Ray was arguing his point when he was telling everybody about the proposal and wrote we were heavily outnumbered when there were more snowmobilers there than all other user groups combined. Maybe we need to have one day next season to give free rides to the public so people will know what it feels like to ride. I am willing to bet there would be another hundred or more sleds in town within a month, which would be great if we just had more area to ride.

I hope that the public will speak out and comment on the Juneau Snowmobile Club's proposal, as we need support from more than just snowmobilers. Write to kirkduncan@ci.juneau.ak.us.

I support four-wheelers, dirt bikes, jet skies on Auke Lake, and more trails for mountain bikes. We all need to back each other even if we do only one of these things, or the greenies will take away everything. I back the road, mining, and fishing and most anything that gives jobs to Alaskans. Do not let the newcomers take over the things we love to do. Please note all new-comers are not against these activities in Juneau; some of them came here because of these activities. I was born in Juneau and resided here for the last 42 years. Let's all just get along.

Rick Lewis


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