Energy crisis: Readers' Responses

Posted: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What sacrifices have you made to cope with Juneau's energy crisis?

Traveller says:

I'll be visiting Juneau next month and I will not visit any of the gift shops downtown that aren't shutting lights off at night.

James says:

Traveller, please visit the shops that have a sign that says owned by Alaskans.

Grateful says:

I made the sacrifice of having to leave Juneau to survive the high cost of living there. I love Juneau and would still be there were it not for the costs of living there at a reasonable price, and if not for high energy costs and property taxes

Kara says:

I already wash dishes by hand, recycle, re-use everything I can. Curtains open for light during the day. Florescent bulbs in all fixtures. Cook outside on the grill, or buy a baked chicken from Fred's. BUT, my question is WHAT'S AEL&P DOING? I don't mind shouldering some of the financial burden here, but it seems AEL&P is not shouldering its fair share.

Sabrina says:

Turning off the water heater actually uses more electricity to turn on and reheat the entire thing again. Turn it down, not off.

We have done everything we can think of as well. Minimum TV, unplug when not watching. Charging phones in cars. Breakers off to dryer, stove, washer, lights, anything and everything except for the fridge.

I have been going outside and reading the meter to keep track and comparing it to my last meter reading so I am not surprised when the bill comes. We have cooked one time in the house since the power crisis started, and that was eggs on a very rainy day. We have BBQ'd every day since. We also wash what we can by hand then hang, or I wash on quick cycle and hang dry.

We barely use the computer maybe two times a week for less than an hour. We turned down our water heater. Wash dishes quickly. It hasn't been too bad. A little more blankets and a little more effort and poof - we survived without electronics!

Mom-of-Many says:

Though this is not a sacrifice to me as much as my kids, here is what we started: We turn off the TVs, video games and PCs and OMG we talk! We put together puzzles, play board games. How crazy is that? And when we do watch TV, we all pile in the living room, pick a show or watch a movie together instead of in our rooms watching different things.

You know I can't afford a higher electric bill, but to have time with my kids where their faces aren't burried in a game and I'm not on my PC - it's as the commercial would say, "Priceless." Even my 16-year-old loner boy (because other than dad, it's a house with six girls) hangs out and watches movies with us. It's not even a battle anymore like the first couple of days.

So I say call American Express, we got a commercial for them (think there are royalties we can use to pay the electric bill?)

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