Will peace and quiet coalition pay the rent?

Posted: Monday, May 15, 2000

I would like to address the people supporting this new ``peace and quiet'' petition in our town. Maybe you could also convince our landlords to not charge us rent for our stores one day a week since you want to keep the cruise ships out on Saturdays, which will kill our sales on that day. We have been in business downtown for 20 years and we have only the summertime to make a living to carry us through the rest of the year. Yes, we live here year-round, pay all the local taxes, own a home, have children in our local schools and we support as many local businesses as possible.

For everyone who thinks that tourism doesn't have anything to do with you because you have a state or ``professional'' job you need to wake up and look around you. I don't know of one store or business in Juneau that doesn't benefit from the money brought in by tourism.

We need to stop trying to stop the only industry that is bringing new money and jobs into this community. Can Juneau really afford to lose that industry and all the jobs and businesses that go with it? Are the people on the ``peace and quiet'' coalition going to pay my taxes and rent when they succeed in driving away our customer base? I used to consider Juneau to be one of the best places to live in Alaska and it's pretty sad after 20 years of working hard to keep a business going that we no longer feel welcome here.

If we let this group drive out the tourist industry then helicopter companies and cruise ships won't be the only ones leaving. I'm not just talking about shops downtown like ours, but also the big stores in Juneau benefit greatly from the tourist industry. I have lived in Juneau long enough to remember when we had only a few places to buy things and I like it better now. Choice is a good thing.

We need to consider how this petition affects everyone before we put our names on it. If it meant a pay cut for you, would you sign it?

Deb Bergmann Owner, Alaskan Fudge Co.

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