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Posted: Monday, May 15, 2000

The new police station is a great addition to our city. It was greatly needed and it's nice to have a first-class building in this town.

My son is on school break from Fairbanks and can't believe how many police there are in town. Has there been a sharp increase of our men in blue to fill our new, larger police station?

Skaters are hoodlums? I skate and consider myself a responsible citizen. I also do well in school and I am considerate of others. It would be greatly appreciated if inconsiderate people would stop making thoughtless and rude assumptions about skaters.

So, maybe helicopter noise isn't really the problem. Maybe some people are really concerned that someone will spot their marijuana plants on the mountain.

Thanks to Ron Maas for his great My Turn in Sunday's paper. People in this town have to begin to respect what we have in Juneau because of tourism.

Going, going, gone. Rite Aid, J.C. Penney,and now Lamont's. Who's next? Kmart? Where is the tourist dollar? Trinkets and T-shirts sales. Something must be done pdq. Ron Maas's My Turn was right on the money.

You can't trust what the Peace and Quiet Coalition says. On one hand they say they're not opposed to tourism. On the other hand, one of the members of the group was quoted in the paper as saying he has a bunch of initiatives in his pocket ready to introduce, several of which would further restrict the cruise ship industry.

Evidently it is not only the not-in-my-backyard folks who would like to see Juneau return to the way it was in yesteryears. In the current edition of the Juneau Guide, a tourism publication, there is a photograph of a forest service cabin on the pristine shores of Lake Kathleen. This photo shows a wilderness that no longer exists. The forest around that lake has been clearcut.

I live near the airport and tourist season helicopter noise makes it impossible to carry on a conversation or hear my television all through tourist season.

Every road in Juneau is for people who drive the speed limit. You will get a ticket if you drive over that limit or if you tailgate. If you're tailgating me - I will not pull over. I don't see why I should have to.

I want to thank the woman who saw my wallet fall from my truck while I was driving on Egan and flagged me down to tell me. Thanks to her, I've retrieved just about everything.

I think Bill Brown's economic theories are creepy.

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