Blatantly insincere

Posted: Tuesday, May 15, 2001

I am not ignorant of political realities - just extremely frustrated with the "political realities" that are foisted off on the people of this state by our elected officials, who seem to view their elected positions and their own actions as privileged rights, rather than genuine responsibilities.

While I knew it was possible that Gov. Knowles would cave in to the Republican majority on the timing of the special session, I had hoped that widespread public support and the support of the House (prior to his calling a special session) on the issue of cruise ship legislation would for once provide the governor with the fortitude to "stay the course," at least as far as the special session and its goal was concerned. How wrong I was.

With the governor in Anchorage, and Sen. Halford in Florida, it seems that somehow they have found a way (presumably through technology) to resolve the weighty "personality" issue that has been impeding progress on an issue with some real importance to the state! Doesn't the same technology that made this accommodation possible, work on issues of substance? Does Sen. Halford (in Florida) have access or privileges that Sen. Cowdery wouldn't wherever he might be for his wife's surgery?

At the end of an article in Monday's Empire, outlining the special session "timing" concession made by Knowles, the governor is quoted as saying "This is a no-tricks mission that I'm on... No sleights of hand, no delay, no excuses." Yeah, right. You just accepted an excuse, and just delayed the session. Preschool children are adept at recognizing and manipulating such blatantly insincere dictums when issued by their parents.

John Weedman


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