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Posted: Tuesday, May 15, 2001

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I'm saddened and not the least bit surprised about the Juneau Guide being reprinted because of complaints about the ad on page 50. What a waste of time and money it was to collect and destroy the first-run copies. Maybe folks who find it objectionable could just rip out the page. I'm keeping my Guide. I guess it's a collector's item now.

Jad Meyer

I'd like to know why KINY will carry a regular season game for the boys' baseball team in Ketchikan and Sitka, but won't carry the girls' fast-pitch high school softball championship from Anchorage this weekend. I wonder how come they continue to discriminate against young ladies' sports in this town.

Scott Larson

Capital Transit's customer assistance doesn't do any good if nobody's there to answer the phone. Nothing galls me more about public transportation than to be a minute away from the bus stop, five minutes before the bus is due, and to watch it go breezing by. There's no excuse for early buses.

Dee Ojard

I'm responding to your editorial about public interest: I moved up here from Georgia a year ago and I thought I had left good old boy politics behind. But it seems Alaska still is involved in that. The politicians don't really seem to be concerned with what is good for the state of Alaska and its citizens. It's still the good old boys, which is surprising to me.

Vicki Allison

Seeing the welcoming faces and balloons as the first cruise ship arrived, I could not help wishing such festive welcomes could also celebrate the arrival of the Arctic turns and other thrilling arrivals of a similar nature.

William P. Dunn

In regards to the Cowdery-Knowles-Halford disagreement here, it seems like one dastardly deed gets another dastardly deed that leads to a third dastardly deed. So this must be politics as it's worth. I wonder if they'll ever learn.

Wilson Valentine

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