Flawed process

Posted: Wednesday, May 15, 2002

The Sheep Creek beach and the Dupont beach, both in Thane, are integral parts of the Thane neighborhood and are recreation areas used by folks from all over Juneau. The wider Juneau community enjoys the hiking, jogging, dog walking, bird watching, picnicking and fishing in both places. Thane Road provides a safe, peaceful place for kids to play, for walking, for biking and provides a quiet and calm atmosphere for those of us who live here.

Both the Dupont and Sheep Creek trails were rejected for commercial use in city plans because of their value to Juneau residents.

Why does the city want to build a heliport here? City Manager Dave Palmer said it is because Thane is "outnumbered" by other areas. Is the number of people living in an area the main criteria for finding a solution to flightseeing noise? What will this cost? What about floatplane noise, which is a worse problem than helicopter noise?

The draft tourism plan doesn't provide any answers and simply assumes a heliport will be built in Thane. This is not a good way to make decisions or provide adequate information to citizens.

Lauren Smoker


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