Ashamed and outraged

Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2003

Fairbanks Republican Rep. Holmes is so wrong! In case you missed it he said: "We must respect people's right to fail," and, "... if the state is not responsible for the fact that somebody abuses a substance, it is not necessarily the place of the state to bail people out."

His remarks are in support of slashing $1.6 million from state substance-abuse programs.

I hope others are as outraged as am I. Holmes is saving nickels and dimes and costing the state millions. For every FAS/ARBD (fetal alcohol syndrome/alcohol-related birth defects) baby born the state has estimated it will cost taxpayers $1 million. That doesn't include the suffering, injuries, abuse and death that result.

I am so very ashamed of our elected legislators making such ill-informed and stupid remarks and I'm proud of those elected legislators who see the real cost and human suffering. By the way, don't we collect millions of tax dollars on alcohol?

K.J. Metcalf


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