No teen curfew, no driving restrictions

Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2003

I strongly oppose the passing of House Bill 213, which is the proposed provisional driver's license bill. It seems outrageous that the government can parent every detail of American society. What's next? Are they going to tell me I can't walk at night? I believe it is the parents' duty to negotiate the action of their offspring. If I have no curfew hours after the age of 16, then why should my driving privileges be put on curfew? Let the bad kids drive at night. It's easier to catch them in a car. If a young driver's parents don't want to put in the time then who is to say the child will be with a responsible 25-year-old and learning good habits?

Also, a lot of high school drivers range in age from 16 to 18. This bill will eliminate the student carpools and all the young people will need their own car. I believe the city of Juneau already has a parking space problem and that passing House Bill 213 will cause an ever greater need for parking, especially in the Juneau-Douglas High School area.

Kevin Ahlgren


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