How will we pay for imprisoning potheads?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, May 15, 2006

In 1982, the United States spent $9 trillion in jails and prisons. In 1999, the United States spent $49 trillion in jails and prisons. That is a 400 percent increase.

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We have a war going on and also a gas embargo. Where does Murkowski think he will get the money to put these little joint smokers in prison? I'm not paying taxes to pay for some weed smoker. Does Murkowski ever think of ways to make money instead of spend it?

His tracks in the snow are looking odd lately. We thought we saw monkey feet. If he continues this crazy game, we will no longer get a dividend, as it will go to house and feed your neighbor who smokes a little weed. As for the meth, I've called over and over on this meth place, and nothing has ever been done. Yeah, right - what a joke.

Tammy Grubert


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