Haines could have capitalized on eagles

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 15, 2007

(Editor's note: This is in response to Paula Easley's May 7 My Turn, "Thwarted by eagles.")

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Sure it's too bad the town of Haines died trying to save the eagles, but aren't there more towns, more people?

When do we finally place something above ourselves? Because we are superior beings, does that mean we get all the riches and all the say?

Surely Haines could have capitalized on what it had and promoted the eagles. How many people do you think in the Lower 48 would be thrilled to pay lots of money to see those eagles? We need to think about everyone and everything involved, and not just our selfish selves.

Everywhere you turn, animals are paying a huge price for what we humans do to the environment, for instance: polar bears, gray wolves, baby harp seals, horses, sea lions, whales and dolphins. The list never ends.

Louise McGannon

Mitchell, S.D.

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