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Posted: Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Jack Cadigan's hysterical and exaggerated argument presented in his My Turn persuaded one previously undecided citizen to sympathize with the Peace and Quiet group.

I'd like to thank Jack Cadigan for his excellent My Turn that set everything straight.

Who does Jack Cadigan think he is? He refers to the Peace and Quiet group as mean-spirited and the gang of five. I have news for him - those five are representing all the rest of us who are fed up with noise, not the tourists. Does he think the tourists won't come if we shorten flightseeing hours? We're all for tourists but not the constant noise. And the polls will show how many of us oppose the noise.

Jack Cadigan's My Turn brings the pro-industrial tourism lobby to an astonishing new low. I count 15 major errors of fact and other distortions in his rant. Among them is the suggestion that the only real problem with flightseeing is that a total of five individuals are complaining. There are actually several thousand irritated citizens and the whole community will be, again, reminded of this on election day.

Why are the supporters of industrial tourism afraid of democracy?

Good friends to Juneau, let's all remember that when we have an emergency on a mountaintop, at the glacier or at sea our first call for help is to get a helicopter there quick. Let's be thankful that choppers are nearby.

The owner of the Alaskan Fudge Co., whose letter appeared in yesterday's paper, doesn't understand that the Peace and Quiet Coalition isn't going to affect the rent. It's just going to affect some of the choices that tourists have. There was a time when tourists didn't have the choice of flightseeing and they came anyway. This just affects flightseeing, not tourism.

I have a solution for the Deb Bergmann's remarkable correlation between limiting flightseeing and fudge. I think they should make fudge ear plugs. It will increase business and solve the noise problem.

Kudos to Deb Bergmann for her letter to the editor. Her philosophy is right on the money.

The school board needs your help. They are gathering information on high school activities. Now is the time to call, write or e-mail them with your child's story of wrong treatment as member of the boys basketball team. The board and the superintendent really do want activities run in a manner that enriches our young people. They need your input to make changes.

Teachers' contracts came out yesterday and I inadvertently saw one. I know this teacher works 60 to 70 hours a week and has 20 years of experience and she gets paid $31,000. We need to do something about this. Teachers need to be rewarded.

A report should be written from our three local Legislators regarding why we have the lowest capital spending of any city in the state of Alaska. It should be written and published in the paper.

To the person who called in about not pulling over when they are being tailgated, you need another hobby besides annoying people.

Where are our men in blue? I rarely see any out on patrol. Do they have enough police officers, are they short on personnel or just camping out in their new building?

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