Legislature disappoints

Posted: Thursday, May 16, 2002

It was with great surprise and disappointment that members of the United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters (USAG) learned that the Legislature had not acted on Gov. Knowles' appointments to the State Board of Fish (BOF).

USAG and other Southeast Alaska fishermen and municipal organizations have actively supported Gerry Merrigan, who is one of the nominees. Representation on the BOF is very important to Southeast Alaska fishermen and the communities where they live and businesses they patronize. Southeast Alaskans and other from across the state who depend on fishing for a livelihood may be deprived of BOF representation because of the Legislature. We depend on the Legislature and the BOF to represent us as Alaska residents and citizens.

To maintain our faith in the system, we hope Gerry Merrigan's name may again come before the joint session of the House and Senate for BOF confirmation before it adjourns.

Jerry L. Madden

Executive Director

United Southeast Gillnetters

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