Snowmachine license bill passes state Senate

Posted: Thursday, May 16, 2002

JUNEAU - A bill removing a requirement that people have a license to drive snowmachines and other off-road vehicles passed the Senate on Wednesday.

House Bill 397, which passed the Senate 18-2, would repeal a requirement that hasn't been enforced and that most Alaskans didn't know existed until this year.

The minimum age for a driver's license in Alaska is 16. A person can get a learner's permit at 14, but the permit requires supervision by a licensed driver.

The measure also makes clear that driver's licenses are not required for other off-road vehicles or watercraft.

The measure could come up for reconsideration today. If the outcome does not change, it will go back to the House for consideration of changes made since the measure passed the House earlier this year.

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