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Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 16, 2003

President select Bush spends billions on preemptive invasion of Iraq to locate and destroy weapons of mass destruction. As of May 14, no evidence yet found in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. U.S. tax money needed to continue occupation and reconstruction of Iraq undetermined.

President select Bush strives to give millionaires a tax break on their stock dividends to "stimulate the economy," yet Bush's largesse to his millionaire backers and to the military-industrial complex does not extend to the state of the union nor to middle-class and working-class Americans. While millionaires get tax breaks, states get reduced help from federal government in dealing with their basic costs and so have to increase taxes on their citizens to pay for education, fire and police protection, highways and social programs.

In Alaska, Gov. Murkowski (the no-new-taxes candidate elected in 2002) initiates a regressive state sales tax and user fees (aka taxes) on other necessities, which burden the lower-income people more than the wealthy.

Please add it up and remember at election time in 2004.

Lisle Hebert


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