Berners Bay is an abundant web of life

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, May 16, 2005

Michael Plett and the Juneau Empire have produced a superb graphic explaining the "biggest restaurant in town" - Berners Bay. The illustration on the front page of Sunday's (May 1) Outdoors section perfectly depicts the web of life that the massive run of hooligan provide for Juneau's wildlife and humans.

Just as Berners Bay draws in creatures for the hooligan feast, it also pushes out its abundance beyond the bay's boundaries. That phenomenon can be seen clearly by following the huge plumes of glacial sediment that color the waters of Lynn Canal. The aqua and gray freshwater outflow serves as an ideal tracer as it mixes with darker, greener salt water.

The Empire has provided a fine service to the community with Sunday's articles that educate us about our own backyard. Thanks to the staff and scientists who contributed.

Laurie Ferguson Craig


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