Whitman failed to tell the whole truth about offshore drilling

Posted: Sunday, May 16, 2010

Former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman certainly has a right to express her opinion on energy issues ("Oil spill shouldn't end offshore drilling," published May 5). But your readers have a right to know that she is not presenting an independent, balanced view.

Whitman mentioned that she co-chairs a "national grassroots group," the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition. But she failed to mention that the group was created and is solely funded by the Nuclear Energy Institute, the nuclear industry's trade association. It is not much more than a sign-on list of utilities, businesses and unions with a financial stake in nuclear power.

Whitman also failed to cite her connection to BP. Just last week, Newsweek revealed that BP hired her to sit on an advisory board in 2007 and paid her $120,000 a year. BP reportedly disbanded the board sometime last year. Even so, Whitman is hardly a disinterested party.

Elliott Negin

Media Director, Union ofConcerned Scientists

Washington, D.C.

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