Thanks for helping keep the flags flying

Posted: Sunday, May 16, 2010

The 50 state flags went up along Egan Drive early Sunday morning, April 25, through the efforts of volunteers Jim Carroll, Brad Rider, Hans Mercer, Jim Burns, Danny Ubarra and Brad Robbins. George Fisher and Bob Banghart operated the crane supplied by Tyler Rentals.

Rebecca Notmeyer of the Juneau Police Department handled traffic control.

George Houston and Dan Edmondson loaned their pickup trucks for hauling traffic signs and cones (volunteer Rider also had his truck in service). Kirby Day helped Carroll put the flags and staffs together several weeks earlier in preparation for their installation on the light standards.

We thank these folks along with our generous donors, who have kept the flags flying since 1977 with their contributions to Friends of the Flags.

Rudy Ripley

Co-chairman, Friends of the Flags


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