A glimpse at our men in blue

Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Letter by Brad Wilmot

I was impressed with the open house at our new police headquarters last Friday. Our police offices and staff looked professional and I came away with a positive feeling of their attitude for their, at times, difficult job.

I suggest to the mayor and to the chief of police, that just like working with all of our schools, our police department needs to work with the community at large. They should show us their work site and provide the citizens a continuing understanding of what their job entails. Might I suggest that the department have an open house periodically, say every other year to keep the citizenry informed of their mission and the status of their training and facilities?

Their open house was also successful because the department brought in representatives from the many support agencies they work with on a daily basis. It was enjoyable to see people from every walk in life, talking with and seeing their police officers and staff. If you didn't attend, you really missed an opportunity to see Juneau's finest.

Brad WilmotJuneau

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