Word of mouth

Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2000

At the police department dedication it was sad to see when the flag was raised how few people pledged to the flag and removed their hats. I think we should give more honor to our flag.

I just wanted to say please pave Thane Road. I'm talking about the real Thane Road, down where the taxpayers live, past the rock dump and past the tourists.

I understand the need for increased revenue for our city and I would recommend one way we can increase revenue - change the date we assess tax on business inventory. I understand that business inventory is now recorded in January when businesses have a low inventory. The inventory rate should be changed to the summer when the tourists are here and the stores are stocked.

How ignorant can you be? The person calling in about AIDS showed us. How dare you blame AIDS on homosexuality or on the people in this community? Don't you know AIDS is spreading faster among heterosexuals than homosexuals? I guess you'll have to blame it on them now.

This is a message for the person that called in about homosexuals and AIDS. AIDS affects everybody, not just homosexuals. Maybe you should check your facts.

This is to the person who called Word of Mouth and assumes AIDS is caused by homosexuals. That's another reason why we have PFLAG and plays that feature depictions of homosexual relationships - so people become less ignorant, more understanding and don't have this anger and hate. And, so they don't assume things that aren't true.

The flightseeing companies have reduced noise. Is it fair that the Peace and Quiet Coalition wants to reduce flights further. Is it fair they want to prohibit a scientific study to see if there are any problems remaining? Say no thanks to the Peace and Quiet initiative.

On the topic of tourism, I enjoy sharing our lovely city with tourists from all over the world. I think the idea of tourism in Juneau is a wonderful means to provide economic solutions to some of our problems. I am, however, very inconvenienced by the sound of the flightseeing component of tourism. So I join many in saying let's have tourism, but let's not have the noisy disruptive unwholesome contribution of the helicopters flying overhead.

To everyone: Will you stop complaining about the benches in Marine Park? One thing you could do is build a place downtown so downtowners don't have to go all the way to the valley to skate.

For the people who recommend that skateboarders go to the skate park, remember we're talking about youngsters here. The valley's a long way to go for downtown kids. And, yes, there really are families living downtown. The kids also tell me if you are a beginner, the skate park hotshots bully you because you get in their way. We need a safe skateboard zone downtown. Let's not put tourists ahead of our children.

This is a message for all the parents out there that have kids in the schools. Don't you think our kids would be gifted and talented if they had the same opportunity as the gifted and talented kids with six students to one teacher? Why aren't these kids mainlined back into the school like the developmentally disabled kids? Maybe these children would be able to help children that aren't as smart as they are and the teachers could be utilized in other spots.

It's time for us to stop arguing between groups about what's best for students and it's time for us to start thinking about all kids and what good learning really looks like.

I would bet that if we privatize the water and sewer department, there would be half as much heavy equipment sitting around rusting as there is now.

This column's really dumb. You have people calling in and you can't tell who or what groups are mouthing off. You many have only the stupid people calling in. Word of Mouth is not mean, it's just dumb. Maybe if they had names on it, it might be bearable and intelligent people might be more likely to call in.

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