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Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2005

In Alaska

• In 1884, the first Alaska Organic Act was approved, creating a district government for the northern possession.

• In 1906, the U.S. Congress passed the Native Allotment Act.

• In 1927, pilot Ed Young flew the first air mail from Anchorage to Nome.

• In 1945, the first long distance call from Fairbanks was made.

• In 1949, President Harry Truman put the Alaska Statehood Bill in his "Top 10" priority list.

• In 1979, the Udall-Anderson bill passed the U.S. House by a margin of 268-157, due to a highly organized environmental coalition and a determined Carter administration.

In the nation

• In 1792, the New York Stock Exchange was founded by brokers meeting under a tree located on what is now Wall Street.

• In 1875, the first Kentucky Derby was run; the winner was "Aristides."

• In 1938, Congress passed the Vinson Naval Act, providing for a two-ocean navy.

• In 1946, President Truman seized control of the nation's railroads, delaying a threatened strike by engineers and trainmen.

• In 1973, the Senate opened its hearings into the Watergate scandal.

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