Bush's 'blather' is hurting America

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2007

George W. Bush hasn't grown noticeably into the presidency, except for his stupefying delusion that he knows best. In his stubborn rigidity, he's almost irreparably endangered much more than his omniscient self.

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Everything's in meltdown: the climate, our Constitution, our ideals and reputation, our schools, courts, health care, even care for our wounded veterans and the military itself. We've paid Bush $400,000 a year and somewhat less to "Old Dead Eye" to spin us into this terrifying mess, and I haven't even mentioned the billions of wasted dollars and, much worse, the hundreds of thousands of human beings we've put into graves and hospitals and mental torment, as well as refugee and torture camps.

Now after four years' fighting in Iraq, Bush and Cheney et al are popping up with the predictability of birds in a cuckoo clock, insisting that we give this new surge a "chance to win." How many more have to die before our decider decides we've "won?" How many more America-hating terrorists will he create to threaten future generations before we get the courage to say stop.

Because Alaska's Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young have bought all of Bush's blather, we Alaskans are guilty of contributing to our own destruction. Nevertheless, both men are up for re-election; so perhaps, through their threatened defeat, we can help change the fatal path a greedy gang of know-nothings has deceived our beloved country into following.

Elizabeth Annis


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