Outside editorial: Rudy challenges GOP

Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2007

This editorial appeared in the New York Daily News:

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Nine of the 10 Republican presidential hopefuls oppose abortion rights, meaning the wind of conservatism is at their backs. The exception is Rudy Giuliani.

The GOP front-runner has stated clearly that he's in the reasonable pro-choice camp. The "two pillars" of his philosophy:

"One is, I believe abortion is wrong. I think it is morally wrong, and if I were asked my advice by someone who was considering abortion, I would tell them not to have the abortion. ... The second principle ... is that in a country like ours, where people of good faith, people who are equally decent, equally moral and equally religious, when they come to different conclusions about this, about something so very, very personal, I believe you have to respect their viewpoint. You give them a level of choice here."

Giuliani brings his party to a critical crossroads. GOP voters can spurn him on principle or weigh abortion as only one factor in picking a candidate. With more than six in 10 Americans in sync with his stance, those factors include winnability.

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