Regarding Statter Harbor, we have options

Posted: Monday, May 17, 2010

Have you had your fill of our community filling marine estuaries, fresh water streams, and important fish, marine mammal, and bird habitats? If you have, it is time to speak up.

Our city wants to fill yet another ocean environment, this time at Auke Bay with the Statter Harbor Improvements. The city would like to dump fill onto spawning habitat for pink salmon and rearing habitat for juvenile pink and coho salmon, and many other fish species. It's also an intertidal area rich with a variety of clams, worms, and mussels, which are important food for great blue herons, ducks and various shorebirds.

You can read more about this important marine environment in the Affected Environment section of the draft Environmental Assessment for the Statter Harbor Improvements at

We have other alternatives. We can use our existing uplands more wisely. The existing parking lot across from the Thai restaurant can be expanded, as there is existing fill located seaward of the lot. There is also a parking lot behind the restaurant that the owner is willing to lease to the city. The city also owns additional land in the area. We have options.

Comments on the draft Environmental Assessment are due today. Submit them or call her at 586-2093.

Theresa Svancara


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