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Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2000

The school board is acting very irresponsibly in trying to force a new policy on athletic activities after only hearing from a few disgruntled parents. How insulting that they have not even talked to the JDHS coaches. We have many good coaches and I am one parent who is very disturbed by this one-sided witch hunt.

It's awful what people are trying to do to the athletic program at the high school. We have some good, caring coaches that had to make some tough decisions. We should stand by them and applaud them for all the hard work they do.

My son is on a high school team and I want to thank the coach for the excellent job he has done with all the kids this year.

There are always kids that get cut on a team. So, now we have to play by new rules because kids getting cut is too harsh. Come on, this is reality here. You can't protect your kids forever.

Thank you to all the people who are supporting the skaters. We appreciate it.

Teachers do need to be paid more.

Not only do we need to pave all of Thane Road, we need to provide a place for the pedestrians and joggers before someone gets killed.

I understand the need for increased revenue for the city. Is the tax collector collecting sales tax every thirty days? If people can't pay, lock them up. We have thousands and thousands of dollars out in taxes and we still need more money. Let's get that sales tax.

The city could generate a lot of revenue if the police would enforce the fine for people speeding through the construction zone on Mendenhall Loop Road.

Thank you to the woman responsible for the Juneau-Mexico link. It has changed my life. Thank you.

This column's really dumb. You have people calling in and you can't tell who or what groups are mouthing off. You may have only the stupid people calling in. Word of Mouth is not mean, it's just dumb. Maybe if they had names on it, it might be bearable and intelligent people might be more likely to call in.

Please, change the rules of Word of Mouth. No more attacks on individuals. It isn't fair to name the target of criticism but let the critics remain anonymous.

Thanks to Jack Cadigan and Deb Bergmann for their contribution to the Monday edition of the Empire. They are both right on.

I don't live next to the airport, nor under a flight path. But yesterday, the aircraft noise was nearly nonstop at my home. We need peace and quiet and I'm signing that petition.

Why are the anti-capitalist, anti-tourism people afraid of democracy?

The voluntary compliance of the flightseeing industry is nothing less than a political tool to pacify us.

I'm a Vietnam veteran who moved here five years ago. The helicopter noise in the summer is driving me crazy. Where do I sign the Peace and Quiet Coalition petition?

Are the people who are predicting doom and gloom if the Peace and Quiet initiative passes the same people who predicted doom and gloom when we passed the head tax?

A big thanks to the Gastineau Humane Society for saving a dog stuck on a cliff off Basin Road. They're doing a great job for the city.

The gold nugget at Cope Park is a great idea. But whoever started it, can you finish it? It looks kind of tacky right now. Let's make it look like a real gold nugget.

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