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Posted: Sunday, May 18, 2003

Tax our spending if you must, but not our income.

A state income tax would be deductible on your federal tax return. You are only taxed when you are working. The sales tax is regressive and takes away from how local governments pay for local services.

There are only two ways that all of us can share in the financial burden of the state of Alaska. The sales tax or taking money from the permanent fund will allow all to help pay the state's bills.

A state income tax, like the one we had when Alaska became the 49th state, is the only fair way for citizens to pay for the government services we desire. So-called "flat," "sales" and "head" taxes require Alaskans living near the poverty line to pay the same amount as millionaires.

Income tax is the fairest method of taxation. It taxes all those out-of-state workers who come in and take their earnings out and don't put anything back into Alaska. A sales tax is totally inequitable. The poorest have to pay it on the necessities they are counting their pennies to purchase.

Yes, I would be willing to pay a state tax on my income to help close the state budget gap. This is the only fair tax.

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