AMHS needs to keep Angoon in mind

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 18, 2004

As a resident of Angoon, I would like to say that I hope our little community is at the top of their priorities also. We depend on the ferry to transport us from here to Juneau and back to make grocery runs. Many people go in so they can stock up at Costco or shop at Fred Meyer. Like the neighboring Tenakee Springs, this really affects our community in a big way.

Celebration is approaching fast and many if not all were planning on traveling to Juneau on the ferry for this big event. I hope before then the Alaska Marine Highway System will figure out something.

I would like to thank AMHS for keeping Angoon, Tenakee, and Pelican in mind as they try to figure something out and deal with this as soon as possible.

Lillian Woodbury


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