Umbert cartoon no joke

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Your characterization of the Alaskans For Life cartoon "Umbert the Unborn" as "laughing about abortion" strikes me as somewhat of a cheap shot. You followed up your April 30 column with a statement in your May 7 column that "abortion is not funny and doesn't belong in a comic strip." It looks like an example of setting up a false statement as fact and then using that "fact" as an opportunity to attack it.

It is fairly obvious the intent of "Umbert the Unborn" is to show the humanity of the child in the womb. Hopefully, along the way the reader will recognize the horror of abortion and realize that the child in the womb is a lovable member of the human family deserving protection. You, for some reason, chose to describe it as "laughing about abortion." I guess it is always possible to find fault with something you don't like.

Some cartoons are used to instruct. Suppose there was a cartoon depicting the life and humanity of black people as slaves in the early 1800s. I do not think it would be reasonable or very objective to describe it as "laughing about slavery."

Sidney D. Heidersdorf


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