Girl needs more than punishment

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I agree with all of those who think this gun treat should not be taken lightly, but all people are looking to do is punish this girl and send her on her way. Someone who threatens to kill people must have some problems and issues that need to be addressed. A punishment isn't going to be anything but a punishment.

This girl needs more help than that. Hopefully she'll get that help, and her family and her will not have an incident like this in the future. Don't be too quick to punish her and send her on her way, or I'm sure this will happen again.

Also as an answer to Gregory Acres letter, I do not believe that if it had been a young man making the threat that it would have been handled any differently. I find that question biased and judgmental. I would also like to say that there is only so much the state is able to do to punish this girl as she did not follow through with the threat.

There was no gun found in her possession; therefore all she did wrong was make a threat and vandalize a wall. So you do the math.

Heather Morris


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