Take time working on retirement overhaul

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The legislation being force-fed legislators at $30,000 a day out of Alaska's treasury is a breach of ethics. It appears that legislators under the governor's thumb are loyal to the end to him and not the constituents they were sworn to represent.

If no solutions are to be readily found to the current legislative stalemate, it is not the crisis it was made out to be, as Alaska just won an award for the present retirement system as it is. More study on issues and gathering of facts during the interim will lead to a livable solution for all next January. Now is the time to bring matters to a stopping place, and let citizen legislators get back home to take care of their regular jobs.

Consideration of the requests of a governor, not his demands, is admirable. At last check, we still operate under a society based on representation of the people. That means we the people deserve to have real representation. The governor has no place in running the legislative branch of government. Legislators should be outraged at any actions that might suggest otherwise. They can know that those who elected them are counting on them to honor the trust that was placed upon them. If they remember that, they will have the support of the people come next election time.

Doris Robbins


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