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Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2005

... for the support for Dr. Fred Chu

Thank you to the people of Southeast Alaska for expressing their appreciation and love for Dr. Fred Chu, thereby making it a memorable celebration.

The committee members that coordinated the celebration for Dr. Chu on May 6 at the ANB Hall are as follows: Alberta Aspen, chairperson; Tlingit and Haida Indians of the City Borough of Juneau; Eunice Akagi, Juneau ANS and Elder; Doloresa Cadiente, ANS Grand Camp and THICBJ; Ellie Dunlap, SEARHC; Judy George, THICBJ; Ethel Lund, SEARHC and ANS Grand Camp; Priscilla Martin, Juneau ANS and Kaagwaantaan; Judy Mason, Tlingit and Haida Housing; Marie Olson, Juneau ANS President; Corrine Rago, Cornerstone; Tony Strong, Kagwaantaan; Agnes Bellinger, Kaagwaantaan; Diane Carrier, tribal member; Rosa Miller, Juneau ANS and Elder; and myself, Emma Widmark, ANS Grand Camp. Members volunteered to head committees and each one carried through successfully with responsibilities.

The committee wishes to thank the SEARHC nurses, husbands and staff for coming forward at the dinner and serving the guests and helping out in the kitchen. Thank you!

Andy Ebona, Juneau ANB president, our master of ceremonies, did a masterful job guiding us through the program. Juneau ANB donated the use of the ANB Hall for the event. Thank you!

The staff of THICBJ, Shaun Guthrie and Jerry Ann Gray, provided excellent support. Thank you!

Central Council, Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska loaned their PowerPoint equipment and a comfortable chair for Dr. Chu's use. Thank you!

Financial donations received in support of the celebration came in from Tlingit and Haida Central Council; Sealaska; SEARHC; Cornerstone; SEAMS; Tlingit and Haida Community Center; Douglas Indian Association; Juneau ANS Camp #2; Juneau Medical Society; Edward K. Thomas; Susan Christianson; Edith McHenry; Michele Metz; Dorothy Owen; Judy and Cyril George; Judy Macnac; Jackie Dailey; and William and Virginia Martin.

There were many donations of food for the meal. This made it possible to serve some of Dr. Chu's favorites.

There many words of appreciation expressed to Dr. Fred Chu. I was touched by a young girl who came up and told me, "We're here because he helped my grandma." Many expressed appreciation for the respect he showed to us as a people. He spent time learning our traditions and Tlingit language. He provided a service to our elders beyond the call of duty. It is clearly evident, for he was adopted by an honored elder, George Dalton Sr., into the Kaagwaantaan clan and given a name of honor Stu Wah Kah.

Emma G. Widmark

Fundraiser Chairperson

Dr. Fred Chu Celebration

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