The Legislature's culture needs changing

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 18, 2007

When releasing the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act to the Legislature and the public, Gov. Sarah Palin said, "Our plan focuses on what's best for Alaskans, beginning with an open and transparent process."

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Imagine my surprise to learn that earlier this month a "working group" had been appointed to work on AGIA and had already met behind closed doors. Not only was the public unaware of this group and this meeting, but even legislators were not privy to it.

This "working group" was exactly the opposite of what the governor and the public expected of the Legislature. If we have learned anything with the recent federal indictments, it is that the culture in the Legislature needs to change and that each one of us must remain vigilant and demanding of open and honest government.

Berta Gardner

Representative, Democrat


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