Price increases hurt workers

Posted: Sunday, May 18, 2008

With all due respect, I think it is fantastic that Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, commends us for reducing the electricity use by 30 percent (I'm green), and how it is an example for the rest of the country; I also feel it is a slap in the face.

Let's talk about some action not verbiage.

Stevens is right that the prices here are outrageous. With the energy crisis, it's only going to become more outrageous.

I moved here from Anchorage four months ago to shell-shocking prices. It took me almost all of the four months just to pay the deposit on my apartment; also to note, I make decent money and usually put in quite a bit of overtime. For mine and many others, rent (all utilities included) to be raised would put me into the position of needing financial assistance, which because of the pay scale would be denied to me.

Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. proclaims that it will work with people that are strapped by their bill. What about those of us that rent with all utilities included?

Riddle me this, Batman: When the living cost goes up, how are they going to help me? Pay the 33 percent - already effective - cost increase for doing a load of laundry? Pay the penalty fees for late rent?

There are the haves, and the have-nots in our society. Do we really need to create more have-nots? Seriously, someone needs to get with the program about this and stop blathering about dealing with it. If prices increase, many more will be dealing with it at the Glory Hole.

Andrew Cox


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