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Posted: Friday, May 19, 2000

...for lunch speakers

The Bill Egan Forum recently concluded 15 exciting noon luncheons exploring various issues of public concern. Named for Alaska's first governor, the forum attempts to keep debate alive through our weekly speeches on public policy issues during the legislative session.

In order to provide the forum, we have a number of dedicated volunteers who help with tickets, publicity and serving as the master of ceremonies. Their time and effort has been invaluable and made the Bill Egan Forum a success. We would like to publicly acknowledge the hard work provided by the following volunteers who helped week after week: George Ascott, Chris Blair, Sandy Burd, Amber Ceffalio, Mike Christenson, Romaine Kareen, Richard Listowski, and Mike and Marilyn Miller. We are also grateful to Caren Robinson and Brenda Knapp who always helped out when needed.

We are also indebted to the professional expertise and services from the staff of the Baranof Hotel and the staff at KTOO-FM public radio.

The Bill Egan Forum would not have taken place at all without the speakers who took the time to share their knowledge, ideas and expertise on a variety of issues. The speakers during the series were Lt. Governor Fran Ulmer; Jim Ayers; Commissioners Michelle Brown, Rick Cross, Ed Flanagan and Margaret Pugh; Senators Johnny Ellis and Kim Elton; Representatives Ethan Berkowitz, Tom Brice, Sharon Cissna, Eric Croft, Ben Grussendorf, Reggie Joule, Mary Kapsner, Beth Kerttula; Karl Brimner, Walter Majoras and Caren Robinson.

Finally, thanks to each and every member of the audience who made the presentations and work all worthwhile.

Cindy Spanyers

...for football checkups

The Juneau Youth Football League wishes to thank medical personnel and local volunteers who recently donated time to organize and provide physicals for the JDHS Crimson Bears. Because of their efforts, we have a head start on certifying all of our players for the 2000-01 football season. These medical personnel generously gave up a recent Saturday morning to perform the physicals and Valley Medical Clinic donated facilities for the physicals. Our sincere thanks go to Dr. Richard Welling; Jennifer Torpy, RN; Dianne Howell, LPN; Mel VanAden, RN; Lance Campbell, Manager of Valley Medical; and Teri Veasey.

We are also grateful to Juneau Urgent Care doctors and nurses who provided free physicals for our football players at their clinic last week. Thanks to Dr. Greg Matera; Michelle Gasperick, RN; and Angela Johnson, MA.

The JDHS Crimson Bears sincerely appreciate the generosity and professionalism of Juneau's finest medical practitioners and community organizers!

Joe PerkinsJYFL Safety Director

...for birthday party

What a wonderful 80th birthday party! My heartfelt thanks to my children for organizing it, Mary Kay and her crew at Mike's for the delicious food, and the many, many friends for the beautiful cards and who attended the party.

I may be enjoying living ``down below,'' but Juneau and Alaska will always be my home.

Vera GordonKent, Wash.

...for treasure hunting

It was once again inclement weather for finding treasure. But once you discover it, who cares what the weather might be? And what a treasure it was! Golden coins, doubloons, pirate necklaces, ice cream and even new golden dollars found their way into the hands of close to 100 treasure hunters with their families during the Second Annual Hunt for the Lost Treasure of Purplebeard the Pirate.

Thanks to our merry band of expedition leaders: Bruce Kato, Lindsey Kato, Dick Callahan, Rosanne and David Funk, Ann Rabinowitz, Owen Hutchinson, Annie Calkins, Martha Murray, Tom Paul, Lisa Golisek, Frederick, Terry and Glenn Hoskinson, and Dave Estes and family.

We couldn't have done it without expedition support from the Alaska State Museum, the Juneau Public Library, the Downtown Business Association, McDonalds Restaurants of Juneau, David Waters, Maureen Conerton, Callie Conerton, Roblin Davis, Maya Pisel, Art Alper, my mom and KTOO-FM.

And thanks of course to the treasure hunters themselves and their families. They braved the weather to learn that treasure wasn't only in their hands, but in their hearts and minds, finding out that working together as a community we can truly discover the ``gold'' within us all!

By the way, check out the great new exhibits at the local museums.

Jeff BrownExpedition Coordinator

...for raffle support

The Juneau Jumper Rope Skipping Demonstration Team would like to thank the sponsors of our recent 12th annual raffle ticket sale and the people of Juneau who bought tickets to support this annual fund raising event. Specifically, we thank Alaska Airlines, Taku Glacier Lodge, Wings of Alaska, Temsco Helicopters Inc. and Auk Nu Marine Services for their generous donation of prizes. We also thank Bullwinkles Pizza for again supporting out annual raffle ticket sale by sponsoring printing costs of tickets. Congratulations to the following winners who were awarded prizes during our May 7 drawing: Terry Hinkley, Joy Lyon, Duke Davis and Dennis Laramie. Thanks to the people of Juneau for your ongoing support!

Sue Salveson Juneau Jumper Parent Booster Club

...for help at event

On behalf of the Board of Directors and volunteers of Habitat for Humanity - Greater Juneau Area, I'd like to express our thanks and appreciation for the great effort Joan Decker and her helpers from The Glory Hole put into making our March 19 fund raiser brunch at the Elks' Hall a resounding success. The effort Joan put in was truly outstanding and we particularly appreciated the hard work of the Glory Hole clients who volunteered. We hope to continue our relationship with The Glory Hole in the future. It would be great to see board members, volunteers and clients from The Glory Hole on our job site this summer, as we build two new houses with Habitat Partner families in the Mendenhall Valley!

Again, thanks for all the help.

Jon GriffinChairman, Board of DirectorsHFHGJA

...for search support

We wanted to say thank you to all who helped in the search of our son Travis Mason. To thank both the ones that helped directly in the search and helped in other ways. Thanks to the Coast Guard, Alaska State Troopers and Sea Dogs rescue team. The man that searched with his underwater camera, the divers. The people that searched in private boats, the persons that searched on land. Our family and friends who were helping so much, because there is no way we could have gotten everything together without them. The family members who helped us to get through Friday night. The family members from out of town that got us here so quick. The women who brought us coffee and also let us use her restroom on Friday night while waiting for the news. The people who sent cards, donations and flowers. The people who bought us meals and had us in their thoughts. Thanks to the Alaska Airlines counter in Juneau. The funeral home, the Mendenhall Mall, Copy Works, Copy Express. I wished I could have put each person first on the list, but you can just know we value everything as if you were the first on the list. Thank all of you so very much.

The Mason family

...for art sale

On behalf of the PEO sisters of Chapter D, please accept our thanks to everyone who sold pieces, who bought pieces and who donated pieces for our annual Art Sale. All of you graciously gave of your time and talents in order for us to provide more opportunities to women seeking their education goals. A personal thank you to a special lady named Margarite who donated two beautiful pieces of art in appreciation of a $200 scholarship she received from PEO in 1938.

Thanks to Chris of KINY for having us on his morning talk show and to Susan at KTOO for having us on her afternoon talk show. Your programs are truly beneficial in getting information out to the community.

Thanks to Riley Woodford of the Juneau Empire and to the Capital City Weekly crew. We appreciate your willingness to include our story in your newspapers.

A special thanks to the wonderful people at DIPAC who helped us in so many ways. You have a beautiful facility and your personal touch compliments it well!

And finally, big hugs and kisses to our husbands, for your patience, your muscles and your trucks. Dick Deems deserves special recognition for his loving support of his wife, Sue, who spearheaded this whole project. We love you, Dick. Thank you for all your help!

PEO, Chapter D

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